Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and effective system of medicine.

Welcome to Boulder Homeopathy, where classical homeopath Kate Paradis offers  individualized homeopathic care ~ followed by personalized communication for seven weeks to evaluate progress and help with dosing schedule ~ all for the reasonable rate of $275.

Kate has found that people are more likely to see good results from homeopathic treatment if they seek her guidance when deciding how often to repeat the remedy.

Homeopathy works by stimulating an immune response from your own body, thus initiating self-healing. While conventional medicine is likely to suppress your symptoms in order to “manage” them, homeopathy recognizes your symptoms as physical, mental, and/or emotional expressions of the nature of the imbalance. Homeopaths find the most important symptoms in each case, and then find a remedy from our vast Materia Medica that most closely matches the full symptom picture.

After studying the Materia Medica for over 20 years, Kate understands how to delve into the most important aspects of each case.

Each person’s uniqueness is a gift to homeopaths. The qualities that truly differentiate our patients from the rest of humanity are the ones that are most likely to point to the best-fitting remedy.

As long as someone, or their parent or caretaker, can express their physical symptoms, mental capacities and emotional state in words, then homeopathy can help.

In chronic conditions it takes the skills of a professional homeopath to address the full range of symptoms: physical, mental, emotional, and general ~ a category in homeopathy that includes food preferences, warm or cold-bloodedness, and times of day when better or worse, among others.

If you have been “managing” a chronic condition for a long time, you should call Kate to discuss your situation. Call 303-998-2458 today.